Corporate Finance and M&A Activities 1992 – 2000

Beginning in January of 1992, Palisades Capital entered into a number of associations with broker/dealers throughout the United States. These securities firms were part of a Regional Investment Bankers (RIB’s) alliance that had the ability to underwrite and trade initial public (IPO’s) and secondary offerings. All of these securities offerings were structured as “Firm Underwritings” with the syndicate groups made up of RIB’s members and other broker/dealers.

Between 1993 and 1999, we arranged a number of public offerings that ranged in size from $8 million to $25 million, though the RIB’s group of securities firms. We also structured, arranged, and placed a number of bridge and mezzanine financings to finance the cost of these public offerings, and related merger/acquisition activities. All of the public securities offerings of these various enterprises traded  on the Nasdaq OTC marketplace, or the American Stock Exchange.

The companies that we assisted were involved hi-technology, software, bio-tech, REITs, public correctional, entertainment, manufacturing and transportation activities. All the companies were either located in or had their executive offices in California and Arizona. After the market crash of 2000 and subsequent recession we refocused our activities away from these types of transactions to valuation and consulting services.