Management Consulting

Consulting Services

We specialize in evaluating a company’s basic ability, including its executive management team, to enter into business combinations or raise funds directly through the capital markets.  We will provide recommendations on the company’s internal management organization, board of directors, and capitalization structure needed to facilitate a private equity or debt financing, a new credit facility, merger or acquisition, or public offering.

Based upon recent events surrounding several laws created by Congress, Palisades Capital is offering two new services: (i) new tax arbitrage and asset protection strategies for companies and “high net worth” individuals to legally reduce or adjust their tax liabilities; (ii) analysis of a company’s health insurance and related employee benefits with an emphasis on reducing the cost of these benefits.

Recent Examples of Consulting Services Provided

We provided services to a fast food business by reducing their employee health insurance costs by over 40%.

We structured defined contribution health insurance plans for a company selling physical fitness equipment and several Southern California law firms.

We provided administrative and financial accounting services to a Southern California based commercial construction firm specializing in dental and medical office buildings, and regional shopping centers.

We provided on-going administrative, operational, and financial accounting services to a Southern California based property management firm.

We provided administrative services to a Southern California based contractor specializing in the construction of public and local government buildings.

We provided research capabilities and assistance to a Pasadena based public internet company during their merger with a larger public internet search company.